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Kurier Arabski 14/1996

From Oaks 1994 to Derby 1996
Historical breakthrough in the Polish private breeding of Arabian horses, Joanna Grootings
20th Anniversary of breeding of Andrzej Ou, Joanna Grootings
Unbeaten Forta, Krystyna Chmiel

From Oaks 1994 to Derby 1996
Historical breakthrough in the Polish private breeding of Arabian horses
Joanna Grootings

During the last years, Polish private Arabian horse breeding is undergoing a spectacular revival. Since the end of the state monopoly in 1989 we can observe a rapid growth in the number and quality  of privately owned and bred Arabian horses .
Just for comparison: in 1938 there were 140 broodmares in private hands; in 1989 - 18, and in 1994 - 67. Roman Pankiewicz remembers that before the war, even in the small private studs it was possible to breed outstanding horses. As an example of this we can point at  Iwonka III - mother of Bałałajka, who gave birth to Bandola and Bask. Iwonka II was born in the stud of Mrs. Bąkowska in Kraśnica.
In October 1991, a group of private breeders and Arabian horse lovers founded the Polish Association of Arab Horse Breeders. it started with 13  members to work for the development and promotion of private Arabian breeding. Presently,  PTHKA counts 35 members, who are all very active in "private Arabian life". Let me list here some of the main "actors" from this new scene, private-bred race winners, who played a leading role in  Arabian Racing in Poland during the last two years, and who now belong to the best racing Arabians in the country!

OAKS 1994
FARAH-BUFFI (Pers-Farah-Aisha) 1992 - b.-o. Andrzej Ou

Kuheilan I Stakes 1995
Abisynia (Borysław-Albania) 1992 - b.-o. Lech Błaszczyk
Whiski (Wermut-Wędrówka) 1992 - 2nd place, b.-o. J. Grootings

Janów Podlaski-Produce Stakes 1995
Wadi (Wiedeń-Wiklina) 1991 - b. Krystyna Duda, o. Joanna Grootings

Kurozwęki Stakes 1995
Ahmed (Wiedeń-Aktorka) 1991 - b. Krystyna Duda, o. Joanna Grootings

Track Record over 1600m
Dekor (Fawor-Dekada) 1992 - b. S.H. Karlsson, o. Joanna Grootings

Derby 1995
Wadi (Wiedeń-Wiklina) 1991 - 2nd place, b. K. Duda, o. J. Grootings
Ahmed (Wiedeń-Aktorka) 1991 - 3rd place, b. K. Duda, o. J. Grootings

Europe Stakes 1995
Ahmed (Wiedeń-Aktorka) 1991 - 2nd place, b. K. Duda, o. J. Grootings
Wadi (Wiedeń-Wiklina) 1991 - 6th place, b. K. Duda, o. J. Grootings

Europejczyk Stakes 1995
Dekor (Fawor-Dekada) 1992  - 3rd place, b. S.H. Karlsson, o. J. Grootings

Białka Stakes 1995
Abisynia (Borysław-Albania) 1992 - b.-o. Lech Błaszczyk
Dekor (Fawor-Dekada) 1992 - 2nd place, b. S.H. Karlsson, o. J. Grootings
Whiski  (Wermut-Wędrówka) 1992 - 4th place, b.-o. J. Grootings

Sambor Stakes 1995
Abisynia (Borysław-Albania) 1992 - b.-o. Lech Błaszczyk

Kabareta Stakes 1996
Whiski (Wermut-Wędrówka) 1992 -  b.-o. Joanna Grootings

Kurozwęki Stakes 1996
Ahmed (Wiedeń-Aktorka) 1991 - b. Krystyna Duda, o. Joanna Grootings

Janów Podlaski-Produce Stakes 1996
Whiski (Wermut-Wędrówka) 1992 - b.-o. Joanna Grootings

Kuheilan I Stakes 1996
Waarabi (Borysław-Wędrówka) 1993 - 2nd place, b.-o. J. Grootings
Paultje (Traditio-sh Carmen) 1993 - 4th place, b.-o. J. Grootings

DERBY 1996
DEKOR  (Fawor-Dekada) 1992 - b. S.H. Karlsson, o. Joanna Grootings
Whiski (Wermut-Wędrówka) 1992 - 4th place, b.-o. Joanna Grootings

Spis treści

20th Anniversary of breeding of Andrzej Ou
Joanna Grootings

On 11th of September 1994, delicate, beautiful Farah-Buffi had a historical win at the Warsaw Race Track. She won the most prestigious race for fillies - the Oaks. Thanks to this victory Buffi ranked as the best filly from her year, beating 8 other fillies bred by the state studs and one belonging to a German breeder.

Roman Pankiewicz writes about this: "A great success, taking into consideration that the state studs have 250 brood mares and Andrzej only one. She has won rather easily, leaving behind nine of the best racing mares. To be able to breed such a brave and beautiful mare you needed over 20 years of breeding and 4 horse generations, from which every one was better than the other. To achieve this Andrzej was using only the best stallions."

Great grand mother of Farah-Buffi, the mare Falbanka was bought by Andrzej from one of the State Collective Farms and with the agreement of the Ministry of Agriculture. She was bred to Muharyt (Witraż-Munira) and gave Farah-Itaka, who was later bred to Probat to give Farah-Aisha, the mother of the Oaks winner.

Whether the other foals of Farah-Aisha will be as successful as their half-sister will  soon be known. Farah-Bersa by Argo is presently being trained for the most important race of her life, the race which two years ago was won by her half-sister Buffi.

Farah-Buffi' herself became the  happy mother of colt Farah-Chang by Pepton. If he will be as brave as his mother, within 4 years he will certainly compete in the Derby.

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Unbeaten Forta
Krystyna Chmiel

This is the end of the world! A world which is based on the state monopoly of Polish Arabian horse breeding. The first sensation was when one hobbyist (as at the beginning the members of Polish Association of Arab Horse Breeders were considered) was able to breed the 1994 Oaks winner (Farah-Buffi 1990).

Now the circle is closed, as for the first time since almost half of a century, a private-bred Polish Arabian has won the Derby (in the first years after the World War II, some horses bred by private breeders were still participating in the races). On 28th of June 1996, after leading from the beginning till the end, the grey stallion Dekor (Fawor-Dekada) 1992 won the race  6 lengths ahead of the other horses. Dekor was bred, in Poland, by S.H. Karlsson from Sweden and is owned by our colleague Joanna Grootings.

Did she imported him? This situation happened rather often at the end of 1980's. In the Polish Arabian Stud Book one can read about several mares that they have been "exported to ...", and after several years "re-imported". In reality, these  mares never have left the country. They were bought "only on  paper" by foreign owners, but remained, because of high costs of transport and low costs of keeping horses here,  stabled at some private Polish breeders. In this way, the foals that were born, were registered under the name of American, Swedish or other owners, and sometimes later on they were bought by a Polish breeder.

Also the mother of our Derby-winner - Dekada (Eternit-Dysputa)  was such a case. She was in 1987  officially exported to Sweden but in reality stayed in Poland. That is why the stallion by Fawor was born as a Swedish citizen and Joanna could buy him as a six month old colt.

Dekada is presently owned by our colleague Michał Bogajewicz and so she finally received the "Polish national colours" again. The new owner is very proud of her, as her daughter Destylacja by Murat-Nur became Champion of the First Championship of Privately Bred Horses in Poland, which took place in 1995. If Fawor would have been in Poland now, Michał could try to repeat this "racing connection".
The pedigree of Dekor is a piece of art of line breeding. Father's and mother's part of the pedigree are two branches growing out of the same tree, but sufficiently divided by a number of generations to avoid inbred.

The lines drawn from two half-sisters - Fatma and Dyska, both Oaks winners - are meeting at one personality. No wonder that a Derby-winner was born out of such a combination. You can not say that this was an accidental, one-time success,  such as sometimes happens in the history of racing. It was not a sporadic achievement at all. At the age of 3, Dekor set a new track record over the distance of 1600 m with 1'50''. Taking into consideration that the distance of the Derby is 3000 m, a horse which on this distance was leading from the beginning till the end, has to have great distance abilities.

So Dekor proved himself to be a "miler" and "stayer" at the same time, as such a horse would be described in the thoroughbred terminology. This means he is a horse with a great class.

Dekor is a small horse, as he is only 145 cm in whithers, but another Derby-winner, Krezus 1963, was not much bigger. He is well built and has very athletic abilities. According to the opinion of Arabian horse trainers, pure bred are racing better "well fed" than "fit". Dekor is not an exception to that.
As you can see, the line of Forta is very strong and their representatives are distinguishing themselves not only with correctness and beauty (what can be observed on the championships), but also with great racing abilities.

Similar physical strength and ability to adapt to all the negative life conditions can be  observed among the private Polish breeders - lovers of the beautiful Arabian horses.

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Joanna Grootings - editor

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